Cryotherapy in Sports

Train Harder
Train Harder

Cryotherapy is widely used in athletics and training to help to relieve and remedy the intense pain and detrimental effects of an injury and the over exertion of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The anti-inflammatory, restorative and rehabilitative effects of cryotherapy have been shown to have highly positive effects as a recovery protocol and as a result, have been widely adopted by sports medicine practitioners.

Recover Faster
Recover Faster

The rush of oxygenated blood, nutrients and enzyme that flood the body after having a cryotherapy session, offer an elixir to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the athlete’s body. At the same time, the bad biological products that result from intensive exercise, stress and the overuse of muscles are removed, enabling the body to absorb the highly concentrated and purified effects of exposure to extreme cold within the cryotherapy treatment. So, not only will your muscle recover faster but the body becomes more efficient, with the result that the athlete feels refreshed, suffers reduced muscle pain, recovers their range of motion and is ready to return to play.

Perform Better
Perform Better

The body’s reaction to a course of Cryotherapy treatments will enable an increase in performance. The rejuvenating and restorative effects of the treatment enable the athlete to respond both physically and mentally to the stresses and strains of modern sports. The effects of the cryotherapy treatment enable the athlete to push beyond the norm and to pump the oxygenated and enzyme rich blood around the body, repair itself and ultimately perform at a much higher level, helping the athlete to gain an edge on their competitors.

CryoAction has an extensive portfolio of clients in the sporting world and across a range of sports. Many of our clients have noticed the following similar characteristics:

  • Reduced level of injuries

  • Less soft tissue injuries

  • Ability to play “A” team in more games with increased consistency

  • Quality of sleep improvements

  • Reduced impaired performance after international or long distance travel

  • Better mood among athletes

Cryotherapy is the 21st Century update of the classic ice bath, which is also popular in the world of sports. Cryotherapy offers many benefits over ice water:

  • After cryotherapy treatment, the athlete can perform again straight away.

  • No waiting for the tissue to warm up again unlike an ice bath.

  • Athletes can have more than one cryotherapy session per day Cryotherapy lasts just 3 minutes.

  • A session is virtually painless and more likely to be adopted by athletes.

  • No risk of MRSA or other possible hygiene issues from contact with water.

It is not by accident that many of CryoAction’s sporting clients have risen to the top of their game, becoming champions in their respective disciplines. Our clients are enjoying the strategic competitive advantage that cryotherapy brings about.

The question is; can you afford not to have CryoAction cryotherapy and to become the best that you can be?